Thursday, July 07, 2005

DB4Free - Help Make MySQL 5 As Perfect As Possible

I ran across this little site yesterday from a post at Javaranch. Basically, you sign up and you get a free MySQL 5 database on a remote server that you have access to. You can give access from any host or limit it to be from a single host. You can register 2 databases under a single email address.

The main goal of this project is to help get MySQL 5 ready for primetime. From the website: With this project we also like to help the MySQL AB company to make the new MySQL 5 database server as perfect as possible. If you find any bugs, we would like you to report them on the MySQL website.

Obviously you wouldn't want to use this for anything in production or anything secure but it's a nice way to test out the new features of MySQL 5 without having to install and configure it yourself. Also, my site host only gives me 1 MySQL database so if I needed another one this would be a good temporary solution. Plus, I am all for helping MySQL out. They've been good to me by providing really good free database servers.

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