Friday, September 30, 2005

Evaluating MyEclipse IDE for JSF Development

Today I decided to start really evaluating MyEclipse IDE. Their 4.0 version offers many new and exciting enhancements including some for JSF development. These are just a few observations I've made thus far and as I continue to use it I'm sure I'll be adding more.

  • When in design mode, after adding a component, the mouse cursor will turn to a circle with a line and not allow you to click in the design editor anymore. Switching to source mode then back to design mode fixes this until the next time you add a component.
  • There is no palette component for h:outputText (forums - known issue. have to wait until next version at least)
  • Design mode does not represent a panelGrid correctly. For example, I created a panelGrid with 2 columns. I then added 4 components expecting 2 columns. In design mode all four components are displayed in a horizontal flow layout. Not a grid layout as expected. Same goes for the preview tab.
  • There is no tool button on the faces-config design palette for adding a managed-bean.
  • When adding a managed-bean with properties via the wizard, the managed-bean declaration in faces-config contains managed-properties for each declared property. At the very least this should be an option as managed-properties are, at most times, not required.
  • There are no options to specify expression language values for managed-properties.
  • There is currently no palette support for MyFaces extensions, although MyEclipse IDE has MyFaces support which is to say it adds JAR's for you and web.xml entires. (forums - known issue. Have to wait for next version and even then it's a maybe??)

Ok, these seem to all be complaints. Hopefully as I use it more I'll have something good to say about it. I've searched for some of these issues on the support forums and noted findings in the list above.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Are You Really Blogging About Splash Screens?

Reading my javablogs email today I noticed 2 very similar posts. New Netbeans 5.0 Graphics and Cool New Netbeans Welcome Screen. Are you serious? Are you really blogging about splash screens? I'm not a Netbeans user but I can think of a hundred other Netbeans topics that are a lot more important than it's splash screen. But I guess this is where blogging has been going for some time. Can't think of anything important to blog about so I'll pick the most mundane meaningless topic possible. And here I am blogging about people blogging about Splash Screens. Oh well...