Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Just An Update On My New Job

[I noticed that this post has made it to the top of javablogs Hot list. I added this blog to javablogs yesterday and it aggregated everything. This post is really old and I am not even at this job anymore. Sorry about that.]

I got yelled at the other day for not having any updates on my weblog for a long time. Not that me taking long breaks from blogging is anything new, but I figured I'd go ahead and throw out one today.

Last week I started a new job at DST Output in Kansas City, MO. So far things are going pretty well. I'm enjoying being at a job where I am getting paid to write code full time instead of my part time consulting work. The company has a great history and great financials. My colleagues have been very helpful in getting me up to speed on everything we do here.

I would say more about the work I am doing and the company however, only being here a week, I am not quite sure what all I am at liberty to speak about in public. More to come in later days I am sure. Now back to work...

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