Monday, January 30, 2006

Checking Multiple GMail Accounts

I decided recently that I wanted a better way to manage all the mailing lists that I belong to. I thought that a good way to do this would be to create a seperate GMail account for each list. I like doing it this way so far but there is still the issue of having to login to each account everytime I want to check for new messages.

I know about the Firefox plugin for checking multiple GMail accounts however, I don't like the dependency on having FF open. I also considered running Thunderbird and adding each GMail account as a POP account, but that ties me down to my computer. I am really looking for something more like the GMail notifier but that will check more than one GMail account. Anyone know of anything?


jesse said...

I use the labels feature of gmail to label all incoming mail matching a particular pattern with a mailing list. You then have to add a filter for each label as well that will do "something" to the matching incomnig message, which is usually apply the correct label and then archive the message so it appears in your label bin and not your inbox.

It sounds more complicated when I say it but it's not.

Anjan said...

hi there,

"I know about the Firefox plugin for checking multiple GMail accounts however, I don't like the dependency on having FF open"

I personally don't mind having FF open all the time -- which plugin were you referring to ?

thank you,


Gregg Bolinger said...


I know about using Labels. But I don't want 1 account for each list. I have 1 account per list so I need a way to check multiple gmail accounts from one centralized place.


swankjesse said...

You can set Gmail to forward messages to another account . . . can it forward to another Gmail account, thus eliminating the 'multiple accounts' problem?

Hemant said...

I use something what jesse n swankjesse says, I have accounts for friends, junk mails and all, and they all are fwd'd to one central gmail a/c and every 6 months I keep on changing the junk mail a/c id.
It works all smoothly for me ...

Gregg Bolinger said...

Well, those are all good ideas, but not really what I am looking for. Thanks for all the suggestions.

Unknown said...

This is probably what you want:


hcabbos said...

Or on OS X:

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