Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tapestry: "The" Web Framework

I've used Tapestry off and on since version 3.0. Not for anything major, but just enough to keep up with the changes through 4.0. This evening I threw caution to the wind and started converting a PHP app to Tapestry. I say conversion, but really it's a complete rework because I am changing the look and feel as well as a ton of functionallity.

Using Tapestry 4.0 final I accomplished more tonight than I've ever been able to with any other framework (JSF, Struts, WebWork, SpringMVC, Wicket, yes, I've tried them all). Enjoying Web Development With Tapestry is what I've been utalizing as I go along. It's an excellent book and covers everything through the 4.0 final release. Kudos to Kent for such an excellent book which is available as PDF or print.

Currently, I see no reason to use any other j2ee web framework. Even for small projects, Tapestry is so quick and easy to setup and accomplish tasks you'll wonder why you've been mucking around with anything else. And I am not one that typically likes to use frameworks. But I do like getting things done and Tapestry allows me to do just that.

Howard, you da man! And to everyone else that helped Howard along the way, thanks for a great framework. "2006 looks like a true banner year for Tapestry!". Amen brother. I agree 100%.


Geert Bevin said...

You tried them ALL, all 60 of them (or what's the latest count)??? And you talk about liking to get things done?

Michael Campbell said...

Now now Geert... I think we all know what he means, but if we want to play semantic games, you COULD read his blog to mean that he tried all the ones in his list.

Gregg Bolinger said...

Yes Geert, ALL OF THEM. Actually there is 63.2456 frameworks available. ;)

Seriously, Michael is correct. I've tried the ones I listed plus a couple more maybe.

Geert Bevin said...

You're right, I'm sorry, I was being pedantic after a stressful couple of days. :-/

Anselmo Graciani said...

I think so too. Tapestry is "THE" web framework.
Have you tried TRAILS?.
TRAILS it's for Tapestry on RAILS, it 's "THE" RAD tool for CRUD apps.