Monday, January 16, 2006

Should I Write A Tapestry to JSF Comparison Tutorial?

I frriend of mine has requested that I take my JSF Tutorial I wrote a while back and create the same exact tutorial in Tapestry but showing both the JSF and Tapestry code side by side as I go along. I'd prefer not to make a "which is better" assumption on my own but rather let the reader decide for themselves which technology they prefer. I think we all know what I like. And I'd like to keep that opinion as much out of the tutorial as possible to give both a fighting chance.

Is this something that anyone else would be interested in or would I be wasting my time? I know there are a lot of good Tapestry tutorials out there, just not any that I know of that show both the JSF and Tapestry code side by side. Let me know.


Anjan said...

hi there,

+1 -- you will help me, for sure.



Unknown said...

cool, do it. I've always felt a bit uneasy about ditching JSF without really looking closely at it. If I had the time I'd try to do such a thing myself.

Guido Deinhammer said...

That would be really helpful - I am just trying to figure out whether JSF or Tapestry is more suitable for the application we are developing.